Battery Caddy

This piece of kit is not going to change the world but it fits into the handy non-essentials category. Something that just helps with admin in the field.

AA & AAA caddies

Batteries are fine in their packaging, they won’t move around and they won’t accidentally cause a short-circuit, but what happens after you’ve opened the packaging?
These caddies hold your batteries secure and won’t get soggy and fall apart when they get the inevitable soaking.

Once a battery is discharged you can place it in the caddy upside down so you don’t lose track of which are unused and which are dead.

Discharged batteries inserted upside down

The ones I got glow in the dark, supposedly to help finding them in a dark pack at night – is that worth paying extra for? Not a chance! They only glow when they’ve stored energy from daylight, and daylight doesn’t penetrate into the depths of my go-bag.

Glowing in the dark – niche!

Available from Amazon Smile – don’t forget to select Team Rubicon UK as your chosen charity!